Thursday, May 12, 2011

Paradise found....

"Happiness consists in not having many things, but in needing few..."  ~ Anon

Yippee!!!! Arriving in the beautiful North West!
Over the Easter/Anzac 5 day holiday break, we packed up our car and a trailor (to the absolute max!!) and trekked off to beautiful Shark Bay for a well deserved and much earned little break away. We went camping with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law and their cherubs!

Magical Monkey Mia!!!! We arrived just in time to see the dolphins
for their first visit of the day!
The grassed boardwalk area at Monkey Mia- it was a magical day!
The kids having a swim at MM, with Uncle Noel
giving them all boosts out of the water!
Miss LuLu (aka Lacey) munching on a snack down the beach
And boy!!! Didn't Mother Nature really turn it on for us, the weather was absolutely spectacular! I have never seen water so crystal clear and blue, days so mild and glorious, and we all had the best of fun! And thank goodness we all went along with my folks as they were well and truly equipped for the whole camping epedition! SO much you have to think of when going camping, and so many things you have to pack. And with Bridie still being little and my sister's 1yr old twins, a few extra considerations were needed as well.

A family BBQ down the beach!
And we were stoked to be joined at the bbq by our besties and
god kiddies, who were also up there for a break away!
Then off for a heap of fun fishing off the jetty... squid galore!!!
Master MooMoo Extraordinaire!!! Aka- Max, cute boy nephew!
But what a fab trip!!! The kids had an absolute ball, being able to just pack up and go for a swim whenever we felt like it (something we're not able to do out here on the farm obviously), or even just going for a wander, drive or for a spot of fishing (I got a pink camo fishing rod as my Mothers Day present on Sunday too bless!! Think they're trying to tell me something?! lol).

Denbi Mae collecting shells at Little Lagoon
Just gorgeous!!!
Little Lagoon... shallow for miles, perfect for kids! And oh-so magical
At the Eagle Lookout... my precious people!
I used to go up to Shark Bay/Monkey Mia on a very regular basis as a kid, but never do I remember it being that magical and the weather being so amazing! The Gods really were smiling on us for sure! And it was SO lovely just to get away from everything and everyone, away from the stresses and pressures and enjoy each other and not having to think or 'do'. And to be honest... I don't think even one person missed us or realised we were even gone haha! The people who really care were already with us :)  But please check out the pics... it was well worth the trip and I highly reccommend it to all!!

And at the Shark Bay Discovery Centre...
full of history and really cool stuff!
On the big lookout boardwalk, which stretches out over the cliff on the coastline!
So much you can see and do!
At shell beach... just a shoreline of miles and miles of
teeny tiny shells, AND the bluest of water!!
The shells that make up "Shell Beach"
Goodbye North West!!! Thanks for a magical and memorable holiday!!!
Happy Days xxx

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slippin'....

"Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry..."  ~ Anon

So... I must apologise! AGAIN! I just don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I mean, the WA school holidays were a bit different this time round as we coincided with the 5 day Easter/Anzac Day break, so we finished up on a Tuesday... and went back on a Thursday?! Go figure!!

Add into that mix a camping trip away to Denham (Shark Bay), a market day (with another to come next week), slowly teaching the kids the basics of cooking and all 'other' things kids... life surely has been getting away from us!
Our bog boy Kaelin cooking Creamy Bacon
Carbonara Pasta, with chicken nuggets and a
garlic bread :)

But I am now head down bum up again, with orders to fill (I know I know... I keep saying "No more orders", but what do you do? I find it really hard to say no lol), market days to prepare for, tennis coaching, dancing lessons, tutoring, aerobic tennis classes for me, gardening and all the other stuff that make my days fly by! But I must admit, amongst all the caos and stress, I am finding joy and happiness too. I mean to say, what is the point of it all if you cannot step back and simply just "be" ...enjoy the moment, cherish your loved ones and take it all in.

Not too happy with being photographed mid-action, but what an
awesome job he did of his meal- great job Kaelin!!
I've also turned another year older in the process of being awol these last few weeks (yay for me- not!! Lol), and now we are in the home stretch leading up to Miss Denbi's 6th birthday too (she's the 19th bless). This year I have gotten the kids to give me a Birthday Wish List... some of the items listed on Denbi's made me giggle!!! New makeup, new shoes (maybe with heels Mum!!), and a security camera for her bedroom!!! Funny little poppet! Then  she's listed a heap of surprisingly practical things like a new lamp for next to her bed, curtains for her room (she had heavy blockout curtains over vertical blinds, but we had to take them down as they were too heavy for the verticals), and a new bedspread! Precious girl of ours... cannot believe she is almost 6!

Chris and the kids having a ball outside
washing Milo... lucky it was a warm day here
And Milo... loving the attention!
And I sincerely hope you all you Mother Bear's had a superb Mothers Day on Sunday! This was one of the only years I have actually had my husband home for the special day on my calendar. It can't be helped usually, as it always coincides with seeding time obviously. But I was super excited when he was able to be home this year (we are waiting for the rain though unfortunately... c'mon rain!!!), he even made me a cup of tea and toast for brekky in bed! And I wasn't allowed out of bed until he'd organised it! And when asked why it was that he was doing this job instead of the kids, he said it was because he wanted to... and so that I could say he'd actually done it at least once! Haha. He and kids even washed the dog Milo! We all had a great day finished off with a fun visit from some fab friends! Thanks guys xx

Miss Biddy enjoying the watery aftermath of the dog washing incident :)
And off he goes... a shaking and a spinning!!!
So.... stayed tuned for some gorgeous holidays pics guaranteed to make you swoon :)
Happy Days xxx

Monday, April 18, 2011


"This day is special, it is yours. Yesterday slipped away. It cannot be filled anymore with meaning about tomorrow nothing is known but this day, today, is yours. Make use of it. Today you can make someone happy. Today you can help another. This day is a special day, it is yours"  ` Anon

I must apologise for my absence lately... but hey, don't they say it makes the heart grow fonder?! Lol. No but in all seriousness, life has simply swept me away over the last few weeks. We've had immense sadness in the tragic loss of a family member, happiness and joy in birthday celebrations and family get-togethers, and a whole lot of sporting, school, social and other sorts of commitments thrown in for good measure. Life has simply been holding me captive!!

Our gorgeous nephew Max (aka- Maximus Figitus)
at his big sister Stella's 3rd Birthday Party
Birthday Girl Stella on her beloved scooter
I also had been working solidly (in the few spare moments at home I've actually had...  I have been "out" every single day in almost a month now, and I am truly puffed!) towards the latest "Midwest Baby and Kids Market" Day, which was held yesterday at the QEII Centre. WOW!! What a fabulous day! So many new faces and products and stalls, and really well organised too. Thanks HEAPS Nat and the gang for yet another awesome day, we'll be back again for sure!

The drinks and lolly bag table.. how special does this look huh! My sister
did amazing job of the decos- she is one clever chookie :)
And the main food table, complete with the whole red and white theme,
a ladybug birthdya cake, tissue paper pom poms, gorgeous themed
cake toppers (ladybug of course) and more... Well Done Liz!!
And the cake after the kids nailed it... SOoooo yummy!!!!
However... now that I have that one out of my hair I plan on nailing these few items I have to finish for clients, then back into the crocheting I go :) And maybe even some yummy knitting to go hand in hand with it as well. I have the most delish wool here just begging me to create something with.

And all the yummy wool I have been bargain hunting for and saving for
a rainy day (or even a slightly less than cool day would suit me lol).
And our Miss Ted Mae (aka- Denbi) at the party!!! Cuteness supreme!
SO perhaps when we head off on our camping adventure over Easter, I might pack a small bag of said wool, along with a few needles and managed to nab a moment here or there to get creative with?! Who knows... the feeling might even hit me on the drive to and from (as long as the dreaded car sickness doesn't hit- I am terrible when it comes to reading or concentrating whilst travelling).  But then again... we will be on "holidays"... in a tent... with 7 kids in tow!!! So maybe a little "relax time" might not even make it into the equation?! But hey, a break is a break and the kids are super excited!!! Can't wait!!!

And our Big Boy Kaelin's school assembly... fantastic job Buddy!!!
SO proud of you (that's him on the far right in the blue top "says proud Mummy").
And another one of their super duper fabbo
performance on the Weather.
And having said that, I will obviously be AWOL over the Easter/Anzac break, but this time for some downtime, not because of a hectic lifestyle lol. Enjoying the fabulous company of our nearest and dearest. Spending time with those that love us most (and us in return of course!), and I wish you all the very best of good times over the 5 day break too. Stay safe, enjoy your loved ones and most of all... appreciate all that is good in your life! I certainly plan too...

Happy Days xox K

Friday, March 25, 2011

Diary of a bad blogger...

"Do not save your loving speeches for your friends til they are dead, Do not write them on their tombstones, Speak them now rather instead"  ~ Anna Cummins

I really am a bad blogger... I will admit it! But sometimes life just gets away from you, and between the kids many sporting activites, and their dentist appointments, birthdays, our sports, bill paying and general day to day stuff, running a busy household AND trying to prepare for an upcoming Market event, and all the rest of it... I am spent!

So here are a few piccies from my gorgeous sister's birthday....
The pile of crocheted coasters I made for Liz
for her birthday pressie!

And the Handmade Crocheted Coasters in real life :)  They have
a felt backing sewn on as well
And the gorgeous flower brooch I made for her too
And my darling little blis opening her goodies on her special day!
Liz, surrounded by my children, blowing out her candles on
our "usual traditional" ice cream birthday cake ;)
And the OMG Lemon Meringue Cake as requested by the birthday
girl!! What a doozie huh! We barely even ate half between us all- YUM!!!
And some of the orders and makings I have been busy completing lately, while on the road to the next Midwest baby and Kids Market Day....

Some new winter brooches... ideal for beanies, scarves, headbands and more...
Some of the many crocheted flowers (I've taught myself to make)
ready for some new creations
A few more "newbies" in lovely lolly pink n red colours...
2 comnpletely hand stitched (yes, top to toe)
JimBob softies... Love him!!!
And a few more newbies, created with us older
girls in mind ;)  All mainly with brooch backings etc
Plus a HUGE Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law for Wednesday also, hope you had a beautiful luncheon with your friends Merry, and enjoyed your special day!!

And a pile of the CHEAP AS CHIPS wool I managed to score
from Spotlight recently... can't wait to sink into it!!!
And I'm not sure about you, I say thank goodness it's Friday again! Tomorrow we have a busy day ahead again, with our eldest son Kaelin being assessed for tutoring, and a Memorial Tennis Day for one of our greatly missed mates Daryl. It's been almost 3yrs since his passing and there is still the gap there that no one else will ever fill! Hope we do you proud tomorrow Vinnie, and it's one helluva Tennis Day for you!!!

Happy Days xox K

Monday, March 14, 2011

A post in pics....

"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself"  ~ Jean Anouilah

The pics from our Miss Biddy's birthday as promised...
Her pressie haul from us
Starting to open her gifts...
Yippee Mum... look at me!
One of her fave pressies, a cheap as chips toy mobile phone!! Typical! Lol
Crack up!!! Ahh it's the little things that keep
them entertained huh ;)
Ooh pretties!!!
And a new beloved baby! Meet Miss Laney... oh so cute! Both of them

So as you can (finally) see, our Miss Bridie Lea had a wonderful day, opening pressies, spending time with loved ones and having a play in the park to finish off! We really value birthdays in our family, a day to celebrate the joyous occasion it was on the day you were born! Huge thanks to all who helped make her 2nd Birthday a great one!

And on another "joyous occasion and special birthday day" HUGEST Birthday Wishes and kisses to my little sister Liz for Today!!!!! Love you to the moon and back Lizbef and hoping you've had a fab day and have gotten spoilt rotten! See you tonight xoxox MWAH

And now for some much awaited pics of the flooding we had recently too...

Flooding underneath the Eradu Bridge...
A view of the flooding over the North West Coastal Highway
through the car lol
And some more innundation of water
More flooding on the highway... this time under/over the bridge
And the aftermath in our good old Walkaway- This was once a paddock!
And another shot off the Walkaway Bridge once it was reopened.
This river bed was empty only a few days before...

And so ends a rather long blog post... just to catch us up!  Was amazingly sad and I felt very lost without my camera... hehehe! Sad aren't I? Anyways, off to get the kids ready to take them in for our traditonal Birthday Family Tea for my sister Liz (minus one hubby, Chris has to work again unfortunately). She usually requests Pizza and Spaghetti... like her whole life! But this year she has added some Brushetta (made by moi) into the mix, so it'll all be super yummy! And I'll show off some pics of the handmade gift she requested I make her next time too...

Happy Days xoxox K