Sunday, October 3, 2010

Been AWOL....

"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves" ~ Abraham Lincoln (1809- 1865)

So.... I have been busy over the last few days, taking the kidlets to see "Despicable Me" in 3D at the Cinema, helping organise a fundraiser day for our Cancer Council Relay For Life Team "The Walkaway Wino's" (it is our second time around doind this gig- such a fun and worthwhile thing to do), spending time with the family and doing all those other day to day chores in between.

Our garage with the mountain of boxes and who-knows-what we have collected over the years!
The other end of that monstrous pile = clean out time!
For our first Fundraiser, we held a Boys Day Out- Crop Inspection Bus Trip on Friday. It started with all a heap of men-folk piling onto the bus at approx. 8.30am and venturing off around the countryside for a look-see at different properties, setups and crops, stopping for morning tea and lunch along the way. The lunch was held at our house which made for a very interesting day on our part, as this is also where the boys finally got to get stuck into the nice cold esky... and a few nice cold beers!!! We served Hot Beef and Gravy Rolls with a few different salads for the more health conscious bloke, and they had an assortment of yummy goodies for their morning tea as well and finishing up back at the start point at around 5pm. All in all a great day out for all concerned we think, and we raised approx. $1600 for the cause as well.... a great success! We also plan on doing another one next year, but a little earlier in the year as we had a lot that couldn't make it as they have started harvesting already.

Our second washing machine (for Chris's chemical and dirt covered work
clothes) and his sheet covered "man cupboard" etc

The "we don't know what to do with it" pile in the corner....
And as we had a small cleanup in the garage (this is where it was decided to serve the luncheon as we have a rather large garage and of course this is where blokes feel their most comfortable LOL), we finally got to have a good look around at all the "still to be unpacked boxes" that have accumulated in there.... and our house is definately full already!!! Hmm..... what is in those boxes???? And do I really need what is inside them??? Especially seeing as some of those boxes have been all packed up since we first moved out in this direction about 7yrs ago!!!! I obviously don't need what is inside them as I haven't seem to have missed them so far hahaha.

Time for a clean out and sell up I think!!!! Or a big delivery to charity even?! Some of the items in those boxes are probably things we were given when we first moved in together by well meaning folk... daggy looking crockery, old pots and random glasses without a matching mate or 4, the odd bulk plastic container set from one of the cheapy shops, and many old sheets or rugs dug out from the depths of someones linen cupboard. All things we now have nice, new, kid-friendly versions of, and all things we don't really have a use for anymore... and all things we could sell off for bargain prices, or simply re-gift to charity. A clean-up is as good as a holiday they say! So.... stay tuned!

And in the meantime...  I hope you are enjoying your glorious day, no matter where you are!!! Make hay while the sunshines and all that stuff lol.

Our gorgeous family home!!!

And spring has definately sprung with all the new growth sprouting up everywhere!
xox K

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