Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspired by.....

"In seeking Happiness for Others, you find it for yourself".

So my friend Donna, (who I have known since we were in Antenatal Class together whilst expecting our first borns almost 8.5yrs ago) gave me a bit of a 'bump' to get onto showing -and decluttering- my art studio/office space. I have an amazing spot at the back lefthand corner of our home to create, sew, draw, and type... it has 2 large windows which bring in all the beautiful natural light, and is at the other end of a large room in which I share with the kids and their lounge/play area (will post pics of that area when they have finally tidied it lol).
My "BEFORE" pile.... boxes of materials and bit and pieces

I am very lucky indeed... very!!! Plus in addition to me being able to supervise the kids while I work, this room is also right next to the laundry and the kitchen- the 2 rooms I spend most of my time in other than here!

So... with having been so busy lately, having visitors come and go here and there, and school holidays still in full swing my "space" has become a little messy! It is also a common dumping ground for anything my other family members don't quite know what to do with... papers, kids drawings, old magazines that they can't part with just yet, and a heap of other random "junk-ed-ness" haha

The "AFTER" shot... such an improvement huh!!!
I am slowly working my way through the chaos and disarray however and this is where I started... my supply wall! Boxes and boxes of materials, wool balls, paints, findings etc etc, all now moved into the garage (Shock!!! Horror!!! I hear you say after seeing the post about the boxes in the garage... but I have a method to my madness!). I plan on going through all the boxes and selling off all those things we no longer need, use or want, and using the money I make to buy some storage solutions! Sound good?!

Now just to find an appropriate wall decal for above....
I am a hoarder usually, and like to hang onto things for sentimentality, usefulness one day, or even 'just in case'... but the time has come in my life to shed the dead wood and simple things down. In all aspects of my life really. So- do you have a space, section or mindset in your life that needs "decluttering and chucking out"??

xox K


  1. Oww I loike the sideboard!! *pains of guilt and regret* and I loike this Link Within bizzo

  2. Aww thanks my love!!! Yes I think it does look SO much better in my house don't you think?? LOL