Thursday, September 16, 2010

And so it begins...

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" ~ John Lennon

So my journey into the wonderful world of web blogging begins, but be warned... you'll have to bear with me as technology and all things tricky are not my strong suits! Instead I shall learn as I go, and soon I'm sure it will become like second nature... one can only hope lol.

One slightly goofy family pic from our shoot with my
great friend and photographer Nicole Jupp back in February

Where to start... well together my amazing hubby and I have 4 precious kiddies- 2 boys and 2 girls, and live on a farm about an hr from the town (city) in which I was born. Last year my lifelong hobby of making and creating unexpectedly turned into a small business "Bread n Butter Factory" and I have been busy ever since.

My stall from the last "Midwest Baby and Kids Market" Day back in July.
Right next to my sister's stall "Bizzy Dayz" on the left.
The name was born from a conversation with my husband about this whole venture, when he joking made the remark "It'll have to make enough to put Bread n Butter on the table you know" to which I replied "Hey, I am only a one woman factory!"...... hence the name stuck!
Our big boys Kaelin 8ys and Levi 7yrs, doing what they do best!

Our biggest Princess Denbi, 5yrs
I started out making and selling hairclips and accessories for girls to begin with, then have expanded my lines as I get inspiration or ideas... cushion covers, small canvases, baby mobiles, hair clip holders, boys wristbands, and so on. The sky is the limit, the only limit is my time!

Our bubba Bridie aka: Biddy, 19mths
(this was taken back in February on her 1st bday)
I have always been a doodler, a creator, a arty-type... but now I have a legitimate excuse to while away a few hours "making". And living rurally with a small gaggle of children on tow, cooking is always high on the agenda too. Whether it be a big casserole in the slow cooker, or a yummy date and walnut loaf for morning teas, cooking is something I enjoy and must admit not had a lot of time for lately... let's hope that improves soon.

Our gorgeous brood!!
So.... welcome to my world! Sometimes fun, sometimes just plain not (lol) but always full on. Hope you enjoy my ride!!!

K xox

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  1. Welcome to the liberating world of blogging my dear sister!! Can't wait to read your posts, always the entertaining one!! And love those gorgeous children!!