Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things that make me smile....

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are" ~ John Wooden

One of my fave all time quotes!!!! And a great motto to live by I say.

Some of the stunning wildflowers on our driveway!

The kids sitting in front of a massive flowering bush on the driveway
So many things to smile about right now... the beautiful sunshine, the kids laughter, the amazing things we have collected over our lifetimes that adorn our beautiful home... and the wind!!! The wind I hear you say!? Yes, we are totally green-powered in this new house on the farm. Solar panels on the garage roof, a wind turbine that utilises the power of the gentle breeze we have here (aka: gale force turbulence), batteries that get charged by the former 2 things mentioned, and a generator backup... just in case! All clean living and it feels great, especially seeing as out this way the power supply is not always reliable. But we cannot take credit for or boast that we are living this way as a personal choice... there is bascially no other choice lol. But what a great lot to be lumped with hey- it really is special and we are very lucky!

Our wind turbine and solar panels on the garage roof. The turbine has it's own tower.
Our yummy kitchen garden, full of herbs, peas, tomatoes, leeks and spring onions etc.
Something else that makes me smile is our kids when they have some good old fashioned home/down time. Time to chill, relax, run, play, create, draw, ride bikes, help Dad in the yard or do whatever their precious lil hearts desire! These days this time seems too few and far between, with life being busy and chaotic and my life seeming to be an endless roadtrip to and from town, school and activites. This is why we LOVE the school hols here... bring them on!!! 1 more week to go yippee.....

Miss Ted doing some colouring and posing for the camera! Gorgeous!
The whole family ventured to Mingenew (a small local town) yesterday for their annual "Mingenew Midwest Lions Expo". A great 2 days out in the fresh air with all your fave local yokels and a welcoming bar to end the day in as well. Lots of things to see and do, with huge bouncy castles for the kids, crafts and accessories, and lots and lots of blokey stuff!!! Farm machinery, engines, cars, trucks, and this year a large range of campervans.... one can only dream! And who knows- maybe one year I might get pre-organised enough to take BnBF on the road and spend the 2 big days at expo???

Chris and Biddy in the yard with the beginnings of a trellis frame around
the rain water tank for my climber vine.... the yard is a work in progress!
I have just completed an order for one of my fave online kiddie stores at the start of the week as well, so make sure you pop on over and check out Jive Baby for not only my goodies but a heap of other luscious items as well!

Our spunky boys with LJ's Yr1 Champion Boy trophies from both our school
and Interschool Carnivals... AND Kaelin in his goofy Show Day hat!
And on a final note before I head off to attempt to tidy and (*urk*) declutter my studio and office area.... our hearts were bursting with pride this week when our 2 boys competed in their very first Interschool Sports Carnival. Kaelin competed in the Tunnelball Team Event, while LJ (Levi) ran in alomst everything in his age division. Our spunky little school won the Small Schools Handicap Shield, and came in 3rd overall.... AND LJ won the Year 1 Boy Champion!!! We are absolutely beaming with pride and SO proud of both our sons. Well done boys!

Our speedy Gonzales with his Sports Days loot!!! Go LJ!
Ok.... this studio is not going to wait, I'm going in!!! 
One of the piles of fabric I got in the last BIG Spotlight Sale... so many ideas!
xoxox K

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