Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Spring Days.....

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people".

Well the weather certainly has warmed up in the last 2 weeks or so. In fact we are heading for a very warm one this Wednesday... a little unnerving when the crops are turning fast enough as it is, my weightloss is still on the go-slow, and the kids are still in the habit of putting on their singlets under their clothes and warm socks for bed lol.

The boys (and Kaelin with his new "Buzz" wings from the Royal
Show) with their Granny at the Mulberry Tree
 Yet some of the days have been absolutely glorious, and we've been able to get out and about to enjoy our first year in our new home! Still so many places and things to explore and get used to, including the orchard!!! AND the amazing wildflowers growing basically at our backdoor!

Yummy Mulberries.... some ripe but a lot almost ready to go!!!
The Lemon Tree.... so very pretty at the moment

Miss Ted (in her dancing costume and Dad's Hat) with the day's goodies
 So during a visit from my parents yesterday, we decided to take them for a wander around the house and up the driveway to investigate and take pics! And Chris has made a start on constructing the kids new fort and cubby house as well... the holes have been dug for the 4 supporting posts, with the fort going to be on the roof of the cubby house, with an adjoining sandpit! All just in the basic drawing stage at the moment, but Chris seems to know what he's doing... I hope! haha

The Orange Tree... if only we ate more oranges!!! Time for juicing I think
Mmmm.... mulberries!!!!!!

Hmm... mulberry stain!!!! LOL
 And have you guys checked out my amazing sister's blog yet??  She is very inspirational being only 25yrs old, and a Mum of a now 2 and a half yr old daughter AND 5mth old boy and girl twins, plus she owns and runs her own hair salon and also started sewing and creating last year whilst pregnant with the twiglets! AND now she blogs about it all too... if you're ever having a down day, maybe she's the one to give you a pick me up??? Definately worth a squizz!

One very mulberry grubby, fly laden cherub!!!! But Boy- did she have fun LOL
 Am thinking I might take our 3 eldest kiddies to the movies tomorrow to see Despicable Me in 3D?? Behaviour depending though too of course.... Have a lovely long weekend Monday out in the Sunshine peeps xo

Movement on the fort front!!!
xoxox K


  1. Oh why thankyou gorgeous one!!
    * Enough about the weightloss, I'd love to have your bod atm, fat girl here!!
    * Check out Bridie, haha, I literally LOLed!! haha
    * Me thinks I need some of those mulberries and oranges for christening baking!! Yummo!!
    * Thanks for the flowers, they are better in person!

  2. Aww thankYOU sweetness!!! Yes a fun day full of mulberries, flowers, fun times... and flies!!! Ah- the joys! xxx