Sunday, September 26, 2010

For something a little different....

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" ~ George Bernard Shaw  (1856- 1950)

Mealtimes for me are often easy when I have a taste for something in particular... but when I am trying to lose the bulge (as I seem to be forever doing at the moment), or have a fussy child not wanting to eat anything that comes out of my kitchen, meal ideas get a lot harder! Plus I have been making 2 separate meals every night a lot lately too, to enable my weightloss to keep happening, while ensuring my family is not missing out at the same time...

So this is a little meal idea (that I cannot claim as my own as I 'lifted' it from a recipe mag years ago, but have put my own spin on it as time has gone by) that my family always loves and devours!

Honey Mustard Sausages with beans and baby spinach!

Now the original recipe calls for those little chipolata sausages, just for something different, but I use your standard everyday sausages a lot as well as I am not exactly near any shops to go grab some when I've run out/forgotten! And the basic idea is very simple:

Preparing the potatoes for the yummy mash!
1 pack of bbq sausages (or equivalent in chipolata sausages from the Deli section of the Supermarket), and cook in a pan until brown and and all but cooked through. Then remove from pan.

I added the onion in while I was still cooking the sausages for a quicker cook time
1 onion, chopped into wedges and cooked in the same pan as you took the sausages out of (using the leftover oil to cook the onions in) until soft and transparent, then add the baby spinach leaves (as many as you desire) and a handful of beans chopped into small segments, and also the sausages (which have now been cut in smaller sections/chunks). You can also use any vegies you like, as it will not affect the end result of the meal...

Stir until beans have been cooked a little and the baby spinach slightly wilted. Then add a "Honey Mustard Chicken" recipe pack/sachet/jar and stir to combine all. Let simmer for a few minutes and serve on a bed of yummy mashed potato or with some pasta. For some extra variety, flavour and nutrition I usually steam some extra veg to serve as a side dish as well, like carrots, or corn.

Easy peasy meal idea that my whole family loves! And it's easy on your hip pocket as well, while still giving them all the meal components they need. And there is usually no leftovers for the following day's lunch with this one... always a good sign!! LOL

Kaelin's serve with steamed carrot as a side serve

Chris's meal.... a man size meal!!!
And on a sporting note.... what a game yesterday in the "supposed" AFL Grandfinal huh!!! An absolute thriller in the end, that even the boys in the room had to get up and leave for a few moments just to break the tension haha!!! And I am still in shock that we get to do it all over again next weekend as it finished in a draw- for only the 3rd time in history! GO the Saints (even though I am an avid Eagles supporter!), as I feel you guys deserve the win 'slightly' more than Collingwood (sorry Collingwood supporters lol). I did take some pics of all the yummy GF food we served up yesterday, but by that stage the coffee table was pretty littered with empty beer bottles too.... so I thought it looked a tad... ummm..... trashy! HAHA Don't get me wrong, we are not big drinkers at all, but it WAS Grand Final Day and we did have friends over as well!!! Honest!

Happy weekend all!!!
xox K

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