Thursday, September 23, 2010

When all you do is try....

"See everything, Praise most things, Overlook many things, Correct few things" ~ Pope John XXIII

Ever had one of those days.... weeks.... months.... years!? You try and try and still seem to go nowhere, achieve not much, and feel stagnate?! I have been feeling that a lot lately. The days are whizzing by, the kids growing up so quickly and myself getting older (without even noticing it- I'm sure I was 21 yesterday! lol) and becoming wiser to the world and the people in it! Don't get me wrong- I wouldn't want to go back in a million years, as I love what I have learnt along the way... regardless of how hard the lesson was to learn. But would I do things differently??

I think not, definately not! I am very confident that I have been a good and honest person, I have 4 absolutely gorgeous kids, an amazing husband by my side and I have tried my hardest in all that I have done and always done the right thing by others! Hmm... maybe that is the problem? Maybe it is time for me to think about 'me' a little as well?? And my husband- my rock. He is truly one person that makes me smile! He is such a genuinely honest, loyal, hardworking guy who really cares about his friends and family and always tries to do the right thing by everyone.... time he put himself first as well I think!

But how does one do that in a time when money is harder to earn, the working days longer, true and honest friends are harder to come by and you are so involved in so many things? Does anyone have any answers LOL?!?

I think it is a matter of balance... equality maybe... and perhaps a dash of selfishness??? Maybe sitting down and working out what and who is really important in your life, who gives as much as they take, and is always willing to make as much effort for you as you do for them? Being a little stronger in life. Speaking up about lies and untruths and knowing at least you are always honest. Standing up to those 'bullies' (and yes we still have them even as we get older) and just plain putting your foot down. But there is a fine line between being firm and honest, and being just down right rude I think. And I personally can't stand rudeness, there is no place for it in everyday life as far as I can see. But hey, if you dish it out always be prepared to cop it back from time to time as well...

And taking all this into account, finding your common ground and your happy place is one very hard task indeed! And something that is really perplexing me at the moment. We are at our most happiest when we are in our comfort zone and spending time with those we love the most, well I am anyway! And after all... is there really these mystical answers out there?? Or is it all simply what we make of it for ourselves? I'm happy with that!

All very deep, all with no straight answers, but all food for thought and something that is good to mull over every once in a while to keep us all in check. Goodluck and let me know if you have one of those 'lightbulb moments' haha

One very proud Miss Ted!! Way to go sunshine
And on a lighter, much prouder note... our precious Denbi Mae got a very well deserved merit certificate this week at the school's Assembly and Open Day. Way to go Ted!!!! She has been trying really hard and making an effort to always try to put others first (here is this same mantra again!).  So proud of you Princess! And huge high 5's to our precious God daughter Miss J on getting a very special merit certificate as well- way to go girls!

Happy days gorgeous people.....
xoxox K

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