Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, busy, busy....

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same" ~ Nelson Mandela

So a few months back I made the hard decision to stop taking any more special orders from customers, as I seemed to be focusing all my efforts and attention on completing these over the need to create new items for my everyday customers and stock. I was also feeling rather stifled creatively as I could never find the time to make something new or get myself lost in bringing a new something to life... something I love!!!
A special order almost ready to hit the post!
Lilac Lady Babs Hair Clippie Holder

However since then, I still receive a steady stream of orders for something to be made specially to suit...which I must admit I usually try my darndest to accommodate, but sometimes to my own detriment :( 

An order for a precious lady for her Chrissy pressies
But I always get a fantastic feeling of satisfaction upon completing something that was made especially for someone else, and made with all my love, sweat and pride!!! I really do love everything I make... sounds a bit conceited I guess, but I just won't sell something that I myself wouldn't buy! It has to be perfect- top notch!!!

Single Birdie Clippies.... aren't they cute!?
Brilliant Birdies.....
And I am also this way with things I make for ourselves for around the home too... painfully so in fact! Crocheting for instance, takes me an extraordinarily long time to complete a project! I am a tight stitcher... like it just so, and if I have dropped a stitch or it has gone off the rails somewhere... I unpull and start again! Simple!!! I wish I wasn't this way... but by geez I am!!! hahaha

My next crocheting project for home.... will see what I come up with!!!
So.... here's to completing my next (and final) special order for a fantastic chickie babe and her precious daughter, and getting on with creating some new goodies too!!!

Happy Days xox K

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