Monday, November 1, 2010

These Things Do Happen....

"After all, tomorrow is another day" ~ Margaret Mitchell (1900- 1949) [Gone with the wind (1936)]

So... a very eventful week has passed, and yet another is upon us. What happened? Ahh... just the usual sort of thing, except my parents were away for just over a week, and it always seems to drag when people you love are not nearby. I mean to say, I actually don't see my folks very often at all being a good away from them and me being busy with our 4 kids etc, and both of them working more than fulltime jobs, running a business and trying to have a life of their own too. But just knowing they were not there.... that's the thing!

Almost all healed now... my "spots"! Stitches out this week :D
I actually did have a few little 'spots' cut out of my face (my first time- a bit scary but not all that!), birthday parties, Halloween, Sleepovers, meetings and the like... and my sister did have a pretty bad week herself (also with her 2.5yr old and 6mth old twins), so we were really looking forward to Mum and Dad being back on home turf!! Haha silly aren't we!? We really don't need them there, but just knowing that they can't be leaves you with this unnerving feeling!

Miss Biddy in yet another makeup and stickers escapade... Where
on earth is she finding it all?? LOL

My hubby has also signed up again this year to be involved in Movember, much to his disgust! Last year he was really motivated to do it. and did raise a good amount of funds... but this year he is less excited- although still keen to make a difference! I think it is the idea of not being able to have a shave when the itchy twitchies really set in hahaha. Last year he really had the growth in full swing, so much so that he started to look like a completely different guy to us all! And he even began to startle himself when looking in the mirror LOL  If you'd like to know more about Movember or to donate to his little fund follow the link above, and his Registration Number is 264212- Chris Plowright.

He takes such an awful shot LOL This was attempt #6!!!
Goodluck with "Movember" honey xxx
I shall keep you updated with pics on his growth progress.. keep your fingers crossed for me it doesn't get to out of control hahaha

Happy Melbourne Cup Day tomorrow peeps and hope you have a win, and enjoy your day regardless of what you do
xox K

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