Monday, October 18, 2010

The Greatest Honour....

"In dreams begins responsibility" ~ W.B. Yeats (1865- 1939)

Yesterday, Chris and myself became the very proud Godparents of our gorgeous twin Nephew and Niece, Max and Lacey. And we feel there is no greater honour than being trusted with the care of someone else's child/ren. We are actually adding them to our brood of 4 precious Godchildren so far and we love, cherish and feel so very honoured to have them all as extremely special little people in our lives. In fact, we love them all so much that we really do think of them as part of our own tribe of kidlets, and think of them very much as our own.
Our Lacey Lou Lou on the left and Maxy Moo Moo on the right!

There is nothing we wouldn't do for them all, and actually have a little giggle to ourselves as we think of the years to come with them all (ranging in ages from 10yrs to 5.5mths) and all the fun, hormones, relationships and good/bad/ugly/otherwise times we hope to share with them! We take the role of Godparent very seriously in fact, and we try to keep up with what each and every one of them is doing, always stay in touch and always offer our assistance to their parents as much as them themselves as time goes by. After all, that is what we are here for.
The parents and Godparents... My hubby Chris (far left), cousin Lea next,
myself with the gawky look in the middle, and then Dad Noel with Max
while Mum Liz holds Lacey while being baptised

And yesterday was another beautiful day.... warmer than the usual, a fantastic Father Brenton presiding and making us laugh as per his norm, a lovely bunch of family and friends gathered, and a very yummy morning tea to cap it all off. If you want to see more pics of the gorgeous day, please pop on over to my sister Liz's blog Bizzy Dayz, as I'm sure she'll post all about it soon- she did a fabulous job... and all on her own with 3 kids under 2.5yrs in tow! You're a Super Woman Lizbef!!!
So hard to get a good one of us all... so I chose one that "most" of us look
semi-normal in haha...  (from far left- Godmother Lea, Godfather Chris holding Max,
myself in the centre, Dad- Noel, Mum- Liz holding Lacey in her meringue)

The decision of who to choose for the responsibilty of caring for and making the effort for your children throughout their lifetime is sometimes a very easy choice for some, when you have some very obvious loving people in your life. And yet for others, the decision is fraught with too many or too little options. Our 3 older children have all been baptised with the same 2 couples as Godparents (so 2 Godmothers, and 2 Godfathers each), but as of yet our little Bridie has not yet been baptised. An awful feeling I have everyday when I think about it, yet time, travel and seasons play a big part for us (as we head into harvest time here), plus this time we are really debating the Godparent issue and just who to ask. Shall we even add to the Godparent list?? Or change it up a bit as time goes on and we learn more? At the end of the day, we really just need to make the very best choice for our children and their future... and just suppose that maybe one day, one or even both of us are not here for them? Sad, but a thought that must be considered. Who will care for our children and their spiritual and emotional well being, and give them guidance when they really need it? Love them when they yearn it? And make them feel safe and secure always? And not judge, criticize, or treat them as outsiders? Ooh... so many aspects to consider!!!
Ahh.... a goodie!!!! I loike this pic MUCH better!!! The big happy Godfamily

What are your thoughts on Godparents?? Do you have any? Or are you one yourself? To us, it is more than just being bestowed with the child's religious upbringing and spiritual well being. It is all the things I've mentioned before and much more... I do hope we make the right decision!

Happy days and some pics of the brilliant morning with our precious Moo Moo and Lou Lou (aka- Max and Lacey lol)
xox K

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