Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"Imagination is more important than knowledge" ~ Albert Einstein (1879- 1955)

The Hair Clippie Holder that I made for Bridie's room... Miss Babby!
My mind is brimming with ideas for new goodies to make, new softies to create and new furnishings to whip up for our home... yet the time (and funds) factors are low! You have to spend money to make money, so the saying goes but you also need the money coming in as well in order for all to work well. And unfortunately when you are in the handmade industry, your time and effort always far outweighs the amount in which you can charge for each piece. We do it for the love LOL.  And it also doesn't help that I am a perfectionist either! If it's not done perfectly, it won't get sold- simple!

The up close and personal with Lady Babs Clippie Holder
But alas, I cannot go any faster than I already am... my fingers and mind are already in top gear! Constantly!!! Almost to the point that I have a mini meltdown freak out moment every few months when I just need a break and to slow down... smell the roses... and spend some quality time with my family doing "normal everyday things".

And the Babs Hair Clippie Holder in Miss Denbi's room...
Unfortunately though, not all people are understanding, forgiving or patient! They cannot understand why you cannot just drop everything, ignore your kids, let the washing pile up and everyone to fend for themselves... just so you can make up a last minute order for them as they'd really appreciate it! Don't get me wrong, I love all my clients and am grateful and very flattered that my makings are so popular , but every so often... very rarely, you do get the odd one or 2 that really upset you. And sometimes it is really hard to just say no! All in the name of keeping the peace.

My mood/inspiration board! And where I keep
my brain half the time LOL
Some of my creations/creatures on display in our home!
I must admit however, that I am a sucker for my own punishment as some of my pieces literally take a week to make. I am a creaure of my own habit, and things must be made properly... or not at all! I won't have things falling apart on customers, or threads coming loose, or them being unsatisifed down the track. And I guess in turn this is one of the main reasons that my items are well liked... but this is the conundrum isn't it! Do you continue to hammer away day and night creating and making goodies in their original format, or do you change things around a little, make them more time friendly, less ornate and slightly cheaper to finish?

My handmade pincushion... just the way I feel sometimes!!!
I know what I'd prefer.... but I'd really love some feedback too!
xox K

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