Monday, October 4, 2010

Useless things....

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible".

I have been set a task by my sister over at Bizzy Dayz to create a list of 10 Useless Facts about myself for everyones enjoyment (or pure curiosity lol). I must admit to have been wracking my brain ever since I read what my task was to be... Well- here goes!

1.  I don't dislike any food really, really badly... although that may change if I come across something in the future!

2.  My eyes are blue, but change colour depending on my mood and health. A brilliant blue when happy and healthy, and a greyish non-colour when I am sad, tired or ill.

3.  I actually met my husband at a pub one night while out with friends... one of those stories you see in the movies actually- we apparently had many mutual friends for a number of years before we laid eyes on each other!

4.  I am a Taurean- food and passion are obviously 2 of my great loves in life... unfortunately! I am passionate about food haha

5.  I always wanted to be an art teacher growing up, but was told in high school it was not a good career move... so I changed my mind and started aiming for English Teacher... then ended up teaching art overseas for a short stint anyway! haha

6.  My middle name is Lea (Lee) and my husband Chris' middle name is Lee also... funny! And now our youngest daughter Bridie's middle name is also Lea (but we spent a good hour or 2 after her birth debating as to how to spell it- I wanted his spelling, he wanted mine... he won!!!)

7.  I love all kinds of arts and crafts, techniques and mediums, but my fave would have to be the textile side of things! LOVE a good fabric!!!

8.  I am asthmatic! A rather bad one at that too... have been since I was young, and unfortunately I have also handed it on to our 2 girls as well :(

9.  Fave colour.... oooh, hard one!!! I love a gorgeous turqouise, blue or the right shade of green, but also have become a lover of red, pink and a nice sunny yellow too... So I'll have to leave that one undecided! lol

10.  Even though we are blessed to have 4 gorgeous, healthy children, having kids wasn't an easy ride for us... 7 miscarriages all up and we lost our 2nd baby daughter Lola halfway during my pregnancy with her as well. But all the heartache along the way makes us for better parents and much more appreciative of our kids though :)

So.... 10 very simple, probably quite mundane things you may or may not have known about me. Please challenge someone you know to try the same, or maybe even see if you can complete this task too?! A lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but it's always a good thing to stop and have a think about yourself sometimes as well.

And on the crafting front, this is where I am at with my next project/order... part 1 anyway! Birdies are so hot right now!!! Wish me luck... it IS the school holidays after all hahaha... So much to do, so little time!!!!

Happy Days xox K

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  1. Love them!! Thanks for completing the challenge and love them!