Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping busy...

"Everybody should have an equal chance- but they shouldn't have a flying start" ~ Harold Wilson (1916- 1995), [The Observer, 1963]

I always look forward to the school holidays... it is our time for just trying to stay put, and enjoy our amazing home. Because we live a fair distance away from anything, it is always an effort for us to go anywhere- even if only for a short while. And we seem to be forever in our car, which makes me very thankful we have a nice car lol!!! So... on our school hols, rather than pack up a million and one things and go somewhere like our day to day runnings, we LOVE to just stay home! (Although having said that, we have had a regular fun kiddie session in town every week during the hols as well... just to even it up a bit).

Sorry for the dark pic... but this is our now pristine laundry cupboard!
And another dark pic... but some very tidy shelves!!!
It also gives us a chance to get a few of those annoying little jobs done that we otherwise have no time for... not really fun jobs, but necessary! And totally worth it!!! As I mentioned a few posts back, the cupboards have been getting a clean out! It is amazing what mess and clutter can accumulate after being in this house for just over a year...
Our gorgeous walk-in pantry!! Neat as a pin...

Ooh dark pics... sorry!! It's an overcast type of day here, which makes
for gloomy picture taking. The bottom end of the pantry, isn't it special!
But look at them now... still a little fuller than I'd like, but one of my goals this year is to pare down and simplify. The Generation Zero, back to basics and less is more (sorry, I've just finished up reading an article on it all from a newspaper mag). So, not only is my aim to keep these newly reorganised cupboards looking fab all year round, but it also to use what we have up... and try to not replace it all!! (food excepted of course). Let's see how this goes... stay tuned!

My newest creation... a gorgeous big (12cm across) felt flower,
which I put a brooch pin backing on, but attach to hair lackies, headbands,
tops etc... very versatile- and I LOVE it!!!! (and am SO glad I got a good pic of it)
Also, I have been madly cutting away at my felt supplies trying to get a good stock happening for a new piece or 3 that I will be selling this year. I handcut all my felt shapes and pieces, and each piece is also sewn before glueing (if any glueing) as well. I have been playing around with shapes and designs for this piece for a while now and think I finally might have come up with something I am liking... as I will not sell anything I don't like! I have even made a little something for myself too I liked it that much (see pic above)!!! So stay tuned for that one too....

Thoughts are always with all those affected by the devastating floods and fires experienced in Australia lately, we are thinking of you all, always xoxox

xox K

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