Monday, February 14, 2011

Wild 'n' Wooly Weather

"Water is the softest thing on earth, Yet its silken gentleness will wear away the hardest stone"...

So we've had yet another spot or 2 of some wild weather here in the west of this wide red land of Oz. One night while the kids were just popping into bed, the wild suddenly picked up with such ferocity that Chris and I both jumped up and ran outside to see what the commotion was....

Looking out from our front door- you can see the solar garden lights
in the roundabout out front! The colours didn't look this vibrant to the
naked eye...
And here it is in pictures!!! Unbelievable! It actually even felt like it was more ferocious than the last storm we had go through... albeit it, both lasting just as short a time as each other.

And another with an amazing glow of colour... with a rooftop of big,
heavy clouds and a lashing of wind!
It was almost like being in the twilight zone... even the kids
got up out of bed to see what all the commotion was about!
But the colours in the sky were breathtaking, and the pics I managed to capture were just amazing- and they are obviously not retouched or edited either. I just apologise for the blurriness as I had the light meter set quite high and the shutter speed was slow, therefore I was blown around in the wind rather badly blurry  images resulted! Sorry!

An extremely blurry pic looking into our backyard...
with storm almost upon us! The wind was cyclonic!
Amd then we were hit by another much smaller little storm that raced through again only a day or 2 later.. which resulted in us getting a downpour total of 16ml of rain in a mere half an hour! Amazing! But no damage to report with either thank goodness! Let's just hope this heat and humidity give us a welcome reprieve soon... phew!

And yet another Summer Storm rolling on through!
And the wind turbine sounding like it was going to
whizz away into the abyss!
Gotta respect Good Old Mother Nature huh!

Happy Days xox

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