Monday, February 7, 2011

And back they go...

"We can see a thousand miracles around us everyday. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken?"  ~ S. Parkes Chadman

And back went 3 of my little chickens to school again last week... Kaelin in Year 4, Levi in Year 2, and Denbi starting big Year 1, with LJ and Denbi sharing a classroom in split Yr1/2. They were all so excited, much to my discontent, but they were all at the stage of really missing their friends and needing that extra interaction with others too.

Our big Year 4 boy Kaelin Keede...
So excited they were in fact, that I am sure our day started mere minutes after 5am! After being told to try go back to bed for a little while longer, we couldn't hold the herds back and up we all got. Dressed, breakfast eaten and bags by the door ready to go by 6am! Phew!!! These are some super excited kiddies! And Daddy came home from work, to come and help us out at school to get settled and ready for a fresh new year ahead. Both Chris and myself just cannot believe Kaelin is now in his 6th year of heading off to school... he'll be heading off to high school in a few more mere years, I've already sent in the enrolement forms! Argh!!! Our babies are simply growing up too fast (and if anyone finds a cure to this, please share lol).

Cool dude Levi J... starting Year 2!
A new year, new kids, a new school bus and drivers, and lots to look forward to... except maybe one Little Bridie Lea who is missing her older siblings like crazy (but secretly seems to also be enjoying having the daily run of the house back to herself again lol). Yet it all seemed to cave in on me and with the stress of everything my immune system obviously became low... and I got a bug! A very nasty one! And basically got home from school and died... for 4 days! It was completely incapacitating, and just horrid with it all made the worse with not being able to rest and recouperate. But all on the improve now and feeling good ;)

Our Darling Denbi Mae... *sigh* Big Year 1 girl
And today, Kaelin was thrown into school swimming lessons as well to really start off his year with a bang! The older kids also start Tennis Coaching next week until the end of the term, and Denbi resumes her beloved Dancing Lessons with Jenny again this Friday! It's all go... crazy crazy but fun!

All 3 big kiddies looking very smart!
And on another unrelated note, I just want to express my most sincere sorrow and heartfelt love and support for all those who have lost homes, sheds and the like over the last few days in the devastating bushfires in the Perth hills. Please know that the whole of Australia is behind you, and all our thoughts and prayers are with you all now and forever. Stay strong xox

Our very precious little brood!!! Where have the years gone?
And on a brighter note to end... a HUGE Happy Birthday to my Poppa Bear for tomorrow! The strongest man I know, he is so loving and giving, generous and kind, unselfish and loyal, thoughtful and respectful, always fair and most of all, so very hardworking! And he is totally devoted to his family, and we couldn't ask for a better man to look up to. Love you Daddy xox

MWAH xox K

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