Monday, February 7, 2011

Growing up...

"If only youth knew; if only age could"  ~ Henri Estienne (1531- 1598)

So... it became time. Little Miss Biddy had started to procure some rather 'odd' behaviour, and by odd I mean... putting those large craft gems into her ears (and by ears I mean the actual ear canals- lucky they jutted out about half way!). And next came the chunky craft beads... hmm- getting slightly smaller, and what is this all about??

And the final straw came in the form of a smaller kiddie bead I "happened" to come across wedged in the ear hole!!! What is going on here?

It wasn't until a visit to my parents house and the said last bead was found in Miss Bid's ear that she finally exclaimed to us all "look, pwetties!!"

Miss Bridie with her new pwetty earrings...
Ahhhhh.... she wants earrings! AHA! The thought had never even crossed my mind as I had waited until Denbi was old enough and mature enough to ask for them herself (which at 3.5yrs old still kind of shocked me seeming too young to even know), and we had a dream run with it all. She sat still for each ear piercing (each done individually), and then was quite willing to let us turn and clean them as well.

With Bridie I wasn't so confident! She is going on 2yrs this month and just seems so little to me, let alone old enough to want, or even know, what earrings even are! But sure enough, that's precisely what she wanted! And when we asked her about it, she simply pointed to her ears and said "Hmm, pwetties". Ok then... let's do it (and hopefully save ourselves from a trip into the A&E to try remove any amount of unknown objects from her ear canals!).

And again the very special and much adored pwetties!
So how did we go??? Well, let's just say it was late in the afternoon, and not the most opportune time to take a boisterous (ie- feral!!) 2yr old to have little guns shoot holes in her ear lobes! Thank goodness Chris was with me, otherwise I might've chickened out, packed up and whisked us all home minus those darn "pwetties". However, the 2 assistants in the Chemist were very brave, and also willing to put up with a slightly (ok, a big load) tired little Biddy. You girls were amazing! Thankyou thankyou! And within minutes we had one very happy little girl with her brand new sparkly pwetties (aka- pretties)... sterling silver studs with amethyst stones- her birth stone. And boy!!! Does she like to show these babies off, it's so cute! AND she has even been a doll when it comes to the cleaning and care of them as well- so decision well made I think!

So proud of you my little baby girl... where has that baby gone?? Sometimes don't you just wish you could slow down time?!

Happy Days xox K

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