Monday, January 31, 2011

Mother Nature...

"In my best social accent I addressed him. I said 'It is most extraordinary weather for this time of year!' He replied, 'Ah, it isn't this time of year at all' " ~  Oliver St John Gogarty (1878- 1957)

View from our front yard- the wall of water you can see
coming up the driveway and across the paddock...
And as it reaches our home...
On the Saturday just passed (Jan 29th), we had a freak storm makes its way across our part of the countryside, wreaking havoc as it went. We managed to actually hear (and most definately 'see') it coming, just in time to get all the washing off the clothesline thank goodness... otherwise it might've ended up who knows where?!

And as it's about to unleash over our backyard (notice the lawn growing too-
pretty awesome huh!)
The total greyness behind the fence is the massive wall
of water coming towards us...
And our precious babes inside all safe n sound... and Bridie actually slept through
it all believe it or not!
This storm was unlike anything we've had in a long while, and while Cyclone Bianca was just off the West coast here, the 2 were apparently unrelated! Just one of those freak Mother Nature things I guess... and as quickly as it began, it also passed just as quickly, leaving a path of destruction and gaining in strength as it continued on!

The windturbine absolutely howling through the severe wind and heavy rain,
we've never seen it like it before!
And the trees as they cop a bollocking...
And the front drive entrance awash with all the massive puddles and excess water
And our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost a loved one or sustained damage to homes and other things during this time also xo Stay strong

xox K

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