Monday, January 31, 2011

Australia Day....

"Such is the patriot's boast, where'er we roam, His first best country ever is at home"  ~ Oliver Goldsmith (c.1728- 1774)

Whether it be the red, white and blue on our national flag.. or the green and gold we don when representing our Mother Land, an Aussie seems not prouder than on that of our sacred day! Australia Day! A day we have all come to love and look forward to, a day to appreciate all that is good in our lucky country, and also a day to get out there and have some good ole' Aussie fun :)  perhaps even with our national drink (aka- the stubby!) in hand! LOL...

This year our day started off with an awesome brunch at my Sister and Brother-In-Law's place, with a delicious feast of eggs n bacon, toad in a hole(s), a HUGE fresh fruit platter, croissants (not Aussie, but very yummy), and english muffins with ham, cheese and tomato toasted over the top... and a heap more delish menu items as well... all washed down with fruit juice! YUMMO!!!

Some of our yummy brunch spread! Mm mmmm
Had to include this snap... Denbi in the foreground with her temp face tatts
and Aussie Flad Headwear which a random reveller gave her last year!
After our bellies had settled a while, we cracked open the waterslide and got busy with some dishwashing detergent and a little water! What a laugh... and a HEAP of fun as well. The kids all had an absolute ball and it made me really appreciate being able to sit back and enjoy fun times with our precious family, relax and take in all that it means to be Australian. We really are the lucky ones you know...

Kaelin in full water slide glide action.... awesome fun!
A ripper of Levi coming down the plastic...
Denbi Mae soaking up the suds...
Our neice Stella mastering the skid and slip technique... gorgeous girl!
After all the fun of the day had died down the kids needed some quiet time, and after which we then headed out to have a traditional Aussie BBQ with some really great friends... we were literally outnumbered 2 to 1 with kids, yet we barely heard a peep out of them all evening! Thanks guys for having us all and for a really relaxing, enjoyable evening! Next time it's our place ;)

Miss Bid not wanting to miss any of the waterslide action either
Chris giving Bridie the extra slip and push she needed to make it to the end LOL
And an amazing action shot of Kaelin Boy in full glide... taken by my rather
soggy sister Liz (thanks for doing the wet work Diz xo)
And another pic caught during some quiet play time...
these 2 cousins totally LOVE each other xox
So remember to be thankful of this amazing country of ours... Australia! "I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains..." although we have more of the droughts and flooding rains of late, we still have an awesome country here. And we are truly the lucky ones, and remember to be thankful of that always xox

Happy Days xox K

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