Monday, January 31, 2011

To while away the hours....

"What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance"  ~ Jane Austen (1775- 1817)

I laugh at the above quote... on a scorcher of a day here you can quite easily curse the weather, and wish for a lovely cool day to be all rugged up inside! Yet, in a few good months time I'm sure we'll all be rubbing our hands together furiously in a bid to keep them warm and just wish we had a gorgeous hot, summery day to take our winter blues away LOL.

Our gorgeous nephew Max having some fun at the Waterpark!
My Big Boy Kaelin (so not liking his photo taken these days it seems),
had a ball with all the kids at the Waterpark
So in a bid to enjoy all this hot and humid weather, and to while away some school holiday hours as well, we have to been heading to the Waterpark in Geraldton (our closest major city centre) to spend some time with family and friends... and to have some fun!
Our little camp for the duration of our stay, so much stuff to take
for one little outing LOL

Just some of the fab playground at the Waterpark... we are SO lucky to have something
like this locally now! We did we ever do without it??

My big girl Denbi and her little imitator and biggest fan cousin Stella enjoying
some yummy watermelon!

Whoa!!! Maximum brightness... but such a bright happy day too! The girls
in full action with the water guns :)

And last of all... myself! Taken by my awesome sister Liz. We had such a great day!

Happy days all xox K

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