Monday, March 7, 2011

Bubba Bridie's Big Second Birthday....

"My most treasured possessions are not things; they are only things. My friends, family... are what counts"  ~ Olivia Newton John

I firstly apologise for the lack of posts recently... I have been having issues with my camera charging and I didn't want to post without something to look at,. Yet the issues are continuing and I cannot upload or even turn my camera on, so please bare with me- I shall post the pics at a later date xox  :(

On Friday the 25th Feb, our baby girl turned 2yrs old. Where has the past 2yrs gone? We still cherish and remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, the very moment she was born in fact. The waiting, the hoping, the praying... and she was most definitely worth all of it!! Even on her bad days lol.

You see, she has bought so much joy and laughter back into our lives after the loss of our baby Lola. We were all obviously devastated after her loss, and we ourselves were totally at a loss too... where to go from there, what to do. Do we try continue on with our lives like before this had even happened, do we try to move on and forget? But if it wasn't for the words from our amazing Dr, and his encouragement and support, we wouldn't have made the extremely hard decision to try for another baby. And we are so glad today for all that he helped us through and achieve! Thanks Doc!

So... now we are blessed with our lil Biddy! And so is everyone else ;)  Sure she can be loud (she sure has a good set of lungs on her), and be very challenging at times too... but she is just the most amazing, funniest, cutest, most amazing (have I said that already? lol) little being, and we are just so blessed to have her in our lives! And the kids just adore her so much too... she truly did finally complete our little family, and for that we are eternally grateful!

So a huge thanks to her close family and God Family for making the effort and also for organising a little get together for her (and us, all of a sudden it was upon us and I had nothing organised) and helping to celebrate Biddy's 2nd Birthday in style in the park! She had an absolute ball, and is so lucky to have loving, caring, precious people like you in her life!

Happy Days xox

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