Friday, March 25, 2011

Diary of a bad blogger...

"Do not save your loving speeches for your friends til they are dead, Do not write them on their tombstones, Speak them now rather instead"  ~ Anna Cummins

I really am a bad blogger... I will admit it! But sometimes life just gets away from you, and between the kids many sporting activites, and their dentist appointments, birthdays, our sports, bill paying and general day to day stuff, running a busy household AND trying to prepare for an upcoming Market event, and all the rest of it... I am spent!

So here are a few piccies from my gorgeous sister's birthday....
The pile of crocheted coasters I made for Liz
for her birthday pressie!

And the Handmade Crocheted Coasters in real life :)  They have
a felt backing sewn on as well
And the gorgeous flower brooch I made for her too
And my darling little blis opening her goodies on her special day!
Liz, surrounded by my children, blowing out her candles on
our "usual traditional" ice cream birthday cake ;)
And the OMG Lemon Meringue Cake as requested by the birthday
girl!! What a doozie huh! We barely even ate half between us all- YUM!!!
And some of the orders and makings I have been busy completing lately, while on the road to the next Midwest baby and Kids Market Day....

Some new winter brooches... ideal for beanies, scarves, headbands and more...
Some of the many crocheted flowers (I've taught myself to make)
ready for some new creations
A few more "newbies" in lovely lolly pink n red colours...
2 comnpletely hand stitched (yes, top to toe)
JimBob softies... Love him!!!
And a few more newbies, created with us older
girls in mind ;)  All mainly with brooch backings etc
Plus a HUGE Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law for Wednesday also, hope you had a beautiful luncheon with your friends Merry, and enjoyed your special day!!

And a pile of the CHEAP AS CHIPS wool I managed to score
from Spotlight recently... can't wait to sink into it!!!
And I'm not sure about you, I say thank goodness it's Friday again! Tomorrow we have a busy day ahead again, with our eldest son Kaelin being assessed for tutoring, and a Memorial Tennis Day for one of our greatly missed mates Daryl. It's been almost 3yrs since his passing and there is still the gap there that no one else will ever fill! Hope we do you proud tomorrow Vinnie, and it's one helluva Tennis Day for you!!!

Happy Days xox K

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