Monday, April 18, 2011


"This day is special, it is yours. Yesterday slipped away. It cannot be filled anymore with meaning about tomorrow nothing is known but this day, today, is yours. Make use of it. Today you can make someone happy. Today you can help another. This day is a special day, it is yours"  ` Anon

I must apologise for my absence lately... but hey, don't they say it makes the heart grow fonder?! Lol. No but in all seriousness, life has simply swept me away over the last few weeks. We've had immense sadness in the tragic loss of a family member, happiness and joy in birthday celebrations and family get-togethers, and a whole lot of sporting, school, social and other sorts of commitments thrown in for good measure. Life has simply been holding me captive!!

Our gorgeous nephew Max (aka- Maximus Figitus)
at his big sister Stella's 3rd Birthday Party
Birthday Girl Stella on her beloved scooter
I also had been working solidly (in the few spare moments at home I've actually had...  I have been "out" every single day in almost a month now, and I am truly puffed!) towards the latest "Midwest Baby and Kids Market" Day, which was held yesterday at the QEII Centre. WOW!! What a fabulous day! So many new faces and products and stalls, and really well organised too. Thanks HEAPS Nat and the gang for yet another awesome day, we'll be back again for sure!

The drinks and lolly bag table.. how special does this look huh! My sister
did amazing job of the decos- she is one clever chookie :)
And the main food table, complete with the whole red and white theme,
a ladybug birthdya cake, tissue paper pom poms, gorgeous themed
cake toppers (ladybug of course) and more... Well Done Liz!!
And the cake after the kids nailed it... SOoooo yummy!!!!
However... now that I have that one out of my hair I plan on nailing these few items I have to finish for clients, then back into the crocheting I go :) And maybe even some yummy knitting to go hand in hand with it as well. I have the most delish wool here just begging me to create something with.

And all the yummy wool I have been bargain hunting for and saving for
a rainy day (or even a slightly less than cool day would suit me lol).
And our Miss Ted Mae (aka- Denbi) at the party!!! Cuteness supreme!
SO perhaps when we head off on our camping adventure over Easter, I might pack a small bag of said wool, along with a few needles and managed to nab a moment here or there to get creative with?! Who knows... the feeling might even hit me on the drive to and from (as long as the dreaded car sickness doesn't hit- I am terrible when it comes to reading or concentrating whilst travelling).  But then again... we will be on "holidays"... in a tent... with 7 kids in tow!!! So maybe a little "relax time" might not even make it into the equation?! But hey, a break is a break and the kids are super excited!!! Can't wait!!!

And our Big Boy Kaelin's school assembly... fantastic job Buddy!!!
SO proud of you (that's him on the far right in the blue top "says proud Mummy").
And another one of their super duper fabbo
performance on the Weather.
And having said that, I will obviously be AWOL over the Easter/Anzac break, but this time for some downtime, not because of a hectic lifestyle lol. Enjoying the fabulous company of our nearest and dearest. Spending time with those that love us most (and us in return of course!), and I wish you all the very best of good times over the 5 day break too. Stay safe, enjoy your loved ones and most of all... appreciate all that is good in your life! I certainly plan too...

Happy Days xox K

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