Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slippin'....

"Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry..."  ~ Anon

So... I must apologise! AGAIN! I just don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I mean, the WA school holidays were a bit different this time round as we coincided with the 5 day Easter/Anzac Day break, so we finished up on a Tuesday... and went back on a Thursday?! Go figure!!

Add into that mix a camping trip away to Denham (Shark Bay), a market day (with another to come next week), slowly teaching the kids the basics of cooking and all 'other' things kids... life surely has been getting away from us!
Our bog boy Kaelin cooking Creamy Bacon
Carbonara Pasta, with chicken nuggets and a
garlic bread :)

But I am now head down bum up again, with orders to fill (I know I know... I keep saying "No more orders", but what do you do? I find it really hard to say no lol), market days to prepare for, tennis coaching, dancing lessons, tutoring, aerobic tennis classes for me, gardening and all the other stuff that make my days fly by! But I must admit, amongst all the caos and stress, I am finding joy and happiness too. I mean to say, what is the point of it all if you cannot step back and simply just "be" ...enjoy the moment, cherish your loved ones and take it all in.

Not too happy with being photographed mid-action, but what an
awesome job he did of his meal- great job Kaelin!!
I've also turned another year older in the process of being awol these last few weeks (yay for me- not!! Lol), and now we are in the home stretch leading up to Miss Denbi's 6th birthday too (she's the 19th bless). This year I have gotten the kids to give me a Birthday Wish List... some of the items listed on Denbi's made me giggle!!! New makeup, new shoes (maybe with heels Mum!!), and a security camera for her bedroom!!! Funny little poppet! Then  she's listed a heap of surprisingly practical things like a new lamp for next to her bed, curtains for her room (she had heavy blockout curtains over vertical blinds, but we had to take them down as they were too heavy for the verticals), and a new bedspread! Precious girl of ours... cannot believe she is almost 6!

Chris and the kids having a ball outside
washing Milo... lucky it was a warm day here
And Milo... loving the attention!
And I sincerely hope you all you Mother Bear's had a superb Mothers Day on Sunday! This was one of the only years I have actually had my husband home for the special day on my calendar. It can't be helped usually, as it always coincides with seeding time obviously. But I was super excited when he was able to be home this year (we are waiting for the rain though unfortunately... c'mon rain!!!), he even made me a cup of tea and toast for brekky in bed! And I wasn't allowed out of bed until he'd organised it! And when asked why it was that he was doing this job instead of the kids, he said it was because he wanted to... and so that I could say he'd actually done it at least once! Haha. He and kids even washed the dog Milo! We all had a great day finished off with a fun visit from some fab friends! Thanks guys xx

Miss Biddy enjoying the watery aftermath of the dog washing incident :)
And off he goes... a shaking and a spinning!!!
So.... stayed tuned for some gorgeous holidays pics guaranteed to make you swoon :)
Happy Days xxx

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