Thursday, May 12, 2011

Paradise found....

"Happiness consists in not having many things, but in needing few..."  ~ Anon

Yippee!!!! Arriving in the beautiful North West!
Over the Easter/Anzac 5 day holiday break, we packed up our car and a trailor (to the absolute max!!) and trekked off to beautiful Shark Bay for a well deserved and much earned little break away. We went camping with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law and their cherubs!

Magical Monkey Mia!!!! We arrived just in time to see the dolphins
for their first visit of the day!
The grassed boardwalk area at Monkey Mia- it was a magical day!
The kids having a swim at MM, with Uncle Noel
giving them all boosts out of the water!
Miss LuLu (aka Lacey) munching on a snack down the beach
And boy!!! Didn't Mother Nature really turn it on for us, the weather was absolutely spectacular! I have never seen water so crystal clear and blue, days so mild and glorious, and we all had the best of fun! And thank goodness we all went along with my folks as they were well and truly equipped for the whole camping epedition! SO much you have to think of when going camping, and so many things you have to pack. And with Bridie still being little and my sister's 1yr old twins, a few extra considerations were needed as well.

A family BBQ down the beach!
And we were stoked to be joined at the bbq by our besties and
god kiddies, who were also up there for a break away!
Then off for a heap of fun fishing off the jetty... squid galore!!!
Master MooMoo Extraordinaire!!! Aka- Max, cute boy nephew!
But what a fab trip!!! The kids had an absolute ball, being able to just pack up and go for a swim whenever we felt like it (something we're not able to do out here on the farm obviously), or even just going for a wander, drive or for a spot of fishing (I got a pink camo fishing rod as my Mothers Day present on Sunday too bless!! Think they're trying to tell me something?! lol).

Denbi Mae collecting shells at Little Lagoon
Just gorgeous!!!
Little Lagoon... shallow for miles, perfect for kids! And oh-so magical
At the Eagle Lookout... my precious people!
I used to go up to Shark Bay/Monkey Mia on a very regular basis as a kid, but never do I remember it being that magical and the weather being so amazing! The Gods really were smiling on us for sure! And it was SO lovely just to get away from everything and everyone, away from the stresses and pressures and enjoy each other and not having to think or 'do'. And to be honest... I don't think even one person missed us or realised we were even gone haha! The people who really care were already with us :)  But please check out the pics... it was well worth the trip and I highly reccommend it to all!!

And at the Shark Bay Discovery Centre...
full of history and really cool stuff!
On the big lookout boardwalk, which stretches out over the cliff on the coastline!
So much you can see and do!
At shell beach... just a shoreline of miles and miles of
teeny tiny shells, AND the bluest of water!!
The shells that make up "Shell Beach"
Goodbye North West!!! Thanks for a magical and memorable holiday!!!
Happy Days xxx

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