Monday, November 22, 2010

And so it goes on...

To write it, it took three months; to conceive it three minutes; to collect the data in it- all my life" ~ F.Scott Fitzgerald. (1896- 1940)

So the harvest is still in motion... the market days are half over... and the kids (and ourselves) are all disasterously tired! But not long now....

My absence (sorry... I have felt just awful about it too), as been due to the huge amount of handsewing I have undertaken over the last 2 or 3wks in the lead up to the big Midwest Baby and Kids Market I did yesterday side by side with my sister Liz from Bizzy Dayz. It was another fabulous day all round, plenty of amazing stalls filled to the brim of so many beautiful goodies and handmade items, an abundance of happy shoppers perusing all on offer, and an outstanding amount of talent all in one place... it never ceases to amaze me!! And unfortunately, there is me watching it all walk out the door underneath someone elses arm as I was a vendor... not a buyer hehehehe (probably a good thing for my husband too LOL). But seriously- full credit to Natalie and all her helpers as it was another glorious day! Thanks a bunch!!

My stall at the Market Day... a bit to hard to see everything due to the
amount in the hall and background etc.
And also a HUGE thanks to everyone that stopped by my stall and gave me words of encouragement, thanks and praise... I was seriously speechless, stunned and so very humbled to know that there are real people out there who do actually read my ramblings and adore my work, and it still brings a tear to my eye now. The encouragement and positivity it brings me is one of pure joy and happiness, and allows me to spread my wings just that little bit further in life... so I thankyou all so very much for that xox

And again... my stall on the right, and Liz's on the left (and her setting up in the front)
And my sister... Liz. What a Wonder Woman!!! Her stall put mine to shame, as she had piles and piles of gorgeous handmade items, baby bibs, soft toys, embellished t-shirts, summer dresses and much, much more... ALL while she has a 2.5yr old and 7mth old twins at home AND she owns and runs her own hair salon too and more!!! SO very proud of you and the fantastic effort you made Liz xox

My Faux Christmas Tree... very rustic it was! tehehe
So I have one more Market Day to go this year, and that is this Friday at the Walkaway Rec Centre for the first ever "Christmas in the Country" Market morning, between 9am and 12 noon. I have a small amount of stock left after yesterday, so I will be madly trying to make up the rest in time... wish me luck!!

And another one last note... Movember is almost over, so please remember to head over to their website and donate today!!! Such a worthy cause! And I'll try popping some more pics of the market up later when the photo uploader is being a little kinder xxx

Happy Days xox K

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