Monday, November 29, 2010

Out of the Ordinary...

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings" ~  the late American Journalist, Hodding Carter Jnr.

The crazy, busy time of Harvest has wound up for yet another season and I must admit... it is a very strange feeling this year. Usually we are touch and go as to whether we are finished by the time Chris's birthday rolls around next month (the 15th bless him!!), but this year is totally out of the ordinary. A pretty average harvest year, but much better than some poor souls who didn't have much/anything to harvest at all. Cheers to all and hoping you have the best harvest possible if in the same situation xxx

My Walkaway Market Day stall... again right next to my sister Liz from Bizzy Dayz
And on another note for myself, I completed my last Market Day for the year also at the "Christmas in the Country" Market Day in Walkaway on Friday. A quieter than hoped for day (as I think some think of Walkaway as being SO far away, when it is really only a 15-20min drive up the road), but also LOTS of other things happening around town too. But a great morning regardless, and a huge thanks to the wonderful ladies who helped organise such a great day!

Again featuring my rustic Christmas Tree and an assortment of clippie decos
So much happening around the place at the moment as the silly season well and truly has it's grip on us, and is taking hold lol. I do LOVE this time of year, but it also comes with it's downsides too unfortunately. Like money. One never has enough this time of year. Presents, parties, food, drink, outings, costs blow outs! I'd love to hear from anyone who has some ripper money saving ideas or fail safe Chrissy plans... I need to get into gear for next year already I think LOL

A little on the sparse side of things... all the stock I have left :(
But along with the stresses of the silly season, also comes all the joy, laughter, good times, yummy food, time spent with family and friends, parties and fab times!!! I went to my first Xmas Party/Birthday Sale yesterday with the gorgeous girls from Jive Baby. What a fabulous arvo of yummy sale items, delish food and nice cold bevvies (it sure was a warm one outside), relaxing tones of Michael May crooning away, and I even got myself a mini manicure! Thanks SO much Sue and Renee, you girls sure know how to throw a party! And a huge congrats to all those who won a fab door prize too, donated by so many talented local ladies... Andrea from T & A Lifestyle Photography with an awesome photographic package, Nic from Ivy Vibe with a gorgeous handbag and accessories, and many more including myself donating a little something as well. Thanks again girls, I had a ball xo

My gorgeous sister Liz in her stall "Bizzy Dayz" at Walkaway
Another thing I love about this time of year is putting the Christmas Tree up, decorating the house with 4 very excited little kidlets, and all the happiness this time of year can bring. A time to forget bad feelings and put them behind you, a time to share your love with those you are closest too and forget those who have no place in your life anymore, and also a time to take into stock what is really important to you and cherish it with all your heart. Value your health, don't dwell on your wealth (or lack thereof lol), and try think of those less fortunate than ourselves and help where you can.

Every year I must admit I have an urge to pack my precious bundles up (being kiddie bundles) and troddle off to help out with the soup kitchens around town or even volunteer our time for a meal at one of the charities. I want our children to know what else is out there and how some people really have to live and survive, out of their own sheltered lives. I really want our kids to experience this, even if just the one time, and help them learn to appreciate everything they have everyday. However... while I think maybe our boys might be ready for a lesson this realistic, the girls are still a bit young. So maybe we shall stick with gathering up our old/unplayed with toys and donating them to charity, and buying a present for a child underneath the local Target Christmas Tree for now... but I am determined one year to get them out there and help. 
The Chopper-esque Mo Growth and a newly shaven head!

Also a last minute Mo Grow Update for Movember... Chris actually spat the chewie a little last night while trying to drink his cappucino coffee with frothy topping hehehehe. SO he gave the Mo Growth a bit of a trim up (sick of having his mo full of frons- "for later ons")... but it has stayed in place the whole month despite his whinges and grumpies. I am SO proud of you honey, and fab effort in raising funds for a really worthwhile cause for Mens Prostate Cancer and Depression. Off it comes tomorrow... until next year! LOL

Happy Days precious people xox K

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